How To Choose The Right Car Accessories

We all end by buying expensive cars with a huge budget outlay.  When you are not financially prepared for a high-end car, you can buy a basic model and get that upgraded look by fitting essential accessories at a low budget.  Even when your car is expensive, only when the accessories are proper, it gets a complete look of elegance.  Read on to know the tips for choosing the right car accessories:

General points:

Branded vs ordinary:  It is not necessary to go in for costly brands.  Even the generic ones seem to have good quality.  It all depends on how long you tend to use the car.  If you propose to change your car once in 5 years, generic accessories would do.

Suitability:  Buy only what is suitable for your car model.  Do not start shopping without this basic research.

Price:  The secret is if you buy the accessories online you get the best offers.  Use for getting discounts on your purchases.

Specific points:

Sound systems:  Wirings and speakers which create perfect Music in one car may not be the same for another.  Hence choose the right type of stereo that fits your car.  Know the power ratings of the speakers.  Select those which match your car’s interior color.  The sound system should be able to support CD player, USB port, Bluetooth etc.  This will ensure that you can use music stored on your phone.


Ensure that the camera is automatically operated.  Auto record option will ensure automatic recording if the car moves.  Ensure they have an LCD screen for a clear image.  It should have motion detection sensors.

Power Invertors:

To select the best suitable power inverter for your car, list down how many output devices you will be using in the car.  Selecting a compact sized inverter up to 300 watts is sufficient for small cars.  When you go for large ones, the risk of fuses is high.

How To Choose A Car That Matches Your Personality – A Complete Guide

When you go shopping for cars then you can choose from many choices. Even though there are many options available but for a perfect match you need to do some research.

At Luxtime understand what to buy to suit your personality. Understand yourself and your own personality that will help you narrow down your purchases.

The type of car that you want

The car is nothing but an extension of your personality and thus you are sure to get attracted to the car that gravitates your personality better. Most car owners will be able to tell upfront what they dislike which makes selection easy.

Understand what you want in the car. Do you want the color or the safety of the car? It is important that you are honest about what you want. If you are among those who value comfort over excitement then a minivan would be your choice. If it is the other way round then the sports car is what you will be looking out for.

The need for the car

What we want is tempered by what we need. Look closely at your lifestyle and then decide which car fits into it. If you have a big family then you need a car with more space. If you are into business then you may need an upscale car if you drive a long distance to reach work then you want a car that offers more mileage. Be honest with your needs and that will help you to narrow down the choice of car.

Where do you live?

There is no one size of car that will fit all and where you stay is an important factor to consider. If you live in a city then you would need a car suited for the city. If you need to drive in the hills you would need a suitable car for it.

Also, the weather of the place that you stay in should be considered. If your main use is to drive down to the grocery store then you may want to buy a small car which can be maneuvered easily.

The Ultimate Tips on Servicing and Maintaining Your Car

A little bit of time, some discipline and following the car’s service manual will not only ensure that your car serves you for many years loyally without any trouble but will also ensure that you don’t end up paying hefty bills in servicing charges which can often run into several hundred dollars if any parts need replacement.

  1. Always keep your owner’s manual handy because it will help you troubleshoot issues before they flare up into major expenses. The manual will also tell you how to avoid problems and keep your vehicle in good condition.
  2. Do not skip the regular servicing schedules at your local garage. What might seem to be an initial expense is, in fact, saving you several hundred bills in repairs and replacements in the future.
  3. Check your battery on a monthly basis for signs of wear and tear, loose connections and corrosion. Negligence in this area can be costly and dangerous too.
  4. Change oil regularly because it lubricates all components of the engine and must not lose its lubricating qualities. Engine oils become less efficient with long miles of travel. If they are not changed, they will lead to wearing of the engine also.
  5. All other coolants and lubricating oils must be replaced periodically to maintain the vehicle. You can check the health of the fluid with the dipstick method. If a stick dipped in the fluid comes out black the time is right for oil replacement.
  6. Tires are prone and wear and tear and must be routinely checked for signs of distress. It is also important to ensure that the wheels are aligned properly and the tires are rotating smoothly.
  7. Don’t forget maintaining the spark plugs and air filters which gather dust and grime with usage causing loss of mileage and poorer engine power.

Keeping the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle clean and well serviced will ensure you have a pleasant and smooth journey every time you ride it. For more tips on vehicle maintenance check out mechanicbase.

How To Fix Major Body Damage On A Car

The common damages to the car could be because of:

  • damages related to the weather
  • Paint scratches
  • Dents
  • Damage in the case of a collision

At learn how you can affix these damages to your car body.

Car Dent

If there is a dent in your car and you are unable to pull it then the best way is to use a suction cup. Tap around the dent and then pull the dent, You would, however, need a body filler. You will then have to paint it so that it looks good as new.

Paint scratches

When you look to repair the paint scratch then it is not like filling the spot that is damaged with a paint coat. You will have to fill up the scratch using some scratch filler. Sand the area and then wax it so that it looks smooth

Gouges And Scrapes

The plastic bumpers that are available in the modern day vehicles easily catch the scrapes and gouges. These are minor damages but they spoil the look of the car. You need fillers and paints in order to repair these body damages in your car.

Tail lights that get broken

It is also possible to fill the tail lights that get broken. All that you would need are a few tools. Remove the bolts that attach to the lens and then remove the clips and the rubber sockets that hold the lens. Pull the bulb that is faulty and the put in a new one and then reassemble all of it.

The damage to your car body is inevitable. Even if you are a safe driver these damages are something that you cannot prevent. Even if you drive slowly there are stones and pebbles on the road that fly and cause a dent in your car or scratch the paint.

So make use of these simple tips to repair the damages to your car body.

A Complete Guide to Planning a Motorhome Holiday

There are road trips and there are those trips that you take the usual modes of commute like the train or the flight. But there is one other type of tours that is unlike no other – the motorhome trip. Each family has different plans for the holiday season. Planning a motorhome holiday is something unique that can give the whole family a memorable trip.

Choose the best motorhome to suit your family

The first thing is definitely to choose the best motorhome for the holiday. The size of the motorhome and the facilities in it should all be chosen based on the size of the family that is going on the trip as well as the age of the family members. If you plan to explore an offbeat destination then choosing a motorhome with cooking and cleaning facilities would be a convenient decision. I would recommend this site for hiring a campervan in Scotland.

Jot down the activities you plan

Do not always have a jam-packed day. Plan the activities with sufficient breaks in between. Timing all the activities would make it difficult to enjoy the trip. Also, add enough time gaps to add pit stops along the way. So, if you find a beautiful spot on the way you can simply stop and click pictures and plan an impromptu activity there.

Where would you park?

The main thing to plan about in advance would be about the place you plan to park the motorhome at night. There are various laws governing the parking of the motorhomes. If you have to get special permissions to get them in advance and look for a safe and legal parking spot for the motorhome.

When everything is ready, make arrangements for taking turns in driving the campervan so that exhaustion doesn’t creep in too soon.…

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Women More Attracted To Men In Expensive Cars, Why?

Women find men with expensive cars to be more attractive and this is something that studies have proven. The car that a man drives is a major factor to get women attracted to men. So if you own and drive an expensive car then you are sure to get some head turners.

Read to know the psychology behind the same. Women who are in their middle age definitely keep the value of the car that the man is driving as a priority and a major decision maker to whom she is inclined to date.

So those men who are behind an expensive wheel are fancied more by women. But when it comes to men they are more fascinated by the woman’s looks and not the motor that she is driving. The major decision makes for a man is the woman’s face and her figure and it does not matter which car she is driving.

So as it goes women tend to judge men by their richness while men tend to like the pretty faces. There are many pieces of evidence that will suggest the same that women are very interested in a man’s car and what he drives.

It has been so since ages

This is not something that you think is very recent. In fact, this reference has been there since ages and since mankind has ever existed. Men are supposed to be the breadwinners of the family and thus the woman is automatically attracted to those who earn more and have a luxurious lifestyle.

Women, however, are those to whom the male sex is attracted to and thus the man looks for beauty in women.

This is a trait that has been and will being there for ages. Even though today women are in highly paid jobs and have made a big career for themselves the truth stays the same. Women still prefer men who come from a higher status.

10 Useful Little Tips that will actually keep Your Car Clean and Organized

Looking to give that extra shine to the car is an exhilarating experience, come what may, using all possible car shines to action, cleaning hacks are handy to keep the foul smell from the car interiors away and keep be clutter free. Decluttering the interiors and keeping things arranged will give way to more creative storage space and room to sit without things falling over on them.

Useful Tips

  • deep clean the cup holders to get rid of the dust and other edible items, using an all-purpose cleaner, with a sock tied over a cup holder
  • using silicone based baking cups on the cup holders to keep small changes in the cup holders., will avoid the dust to be accumulated
  • dust cleaning is important, having a readymade duster is helpful in removing all the dust accumulated
  • organizing the space with mini holders to keep all the paperwork and important documents, with an expandable file easily
  • spilling the contents of the handbag and stacking it in the corner of the seat or beneath in the leg room is passé, hard hooks along the seat can hold the bags with ease and comfort
  • pet lovers can have a waterproof seat cover in the back so that the upholstery is not messed and no muddy paws are dry and leave behind a stream of dirt
  • keep the mats clean by using the stain remover and wash them off to keep the mats look brand new as ever
  • the seats getting stained and dirty is a nagging problem, especially having an infant on board, using a carpet cleaner and get the stains and dirt off the interior,
  • take the help of professionals for top quality car advice to maintain the car well
  • Expandable organizers behind the trunk of a car can hold small items and not look messy with bottles rolling around.


5 Essential Tips When Visiting a Garage for Car Repairs

Visiting a car garage for repairs and servicing is a tedious and time taking procedure. If you are not a car expert it can be an overwhelming process and you can end up spending more money than required. Here are a few tips to remember when taking your car to a garage.

1) Choose the right garage: There can be various garages with a good reputation but whichever garage you choose make sure it is highly recommended. Check with your friends and family and choose one of the garages they use regularly.

2) Repairs: When you decide to leave your car for repair in a garage, make a list of all repairs that need to be done and add it your contract or any other documentation between you and the garage. Verbal communication cannot be the right way to deal with all the repairs and replacements to be done and hence all these things should be noted down in a proper document.

3) New parts: Sometimes car repairs also need replacing the old parts with new ones. When doing so make sure all the new parts come with a valid guarantee and documentation. Many garages also send you photos or videos of parts replaced, if not ask the garages to show you the parts replaced.

4) Payment: Decide the payment terms before you submit your car for repairs. It is possible that sometimes the charges can be different from the earlier mentioned amount because of some last minute repairs. The garage owners must let you know about it in advance and do the required changes after your approval.

5) Additional services: Many garages offer a shuttle service to pick and drop you to your work or home after you submit your car. Check if this option is available, if not check with some of the van leasing companies for renting another vehicle until your car is repaired.…

The Ultimate Guide to Prevent Your Car From Breaking Down

This is the ultimate guide for car owners and professional drivers to know how to care for your car. It does not totally prevent your car from breaking down as only you know your car best. It could be too old but these tips in this article would give long life to your car, optimize the car performance, and keep the vital parts of the car in good condition.

  1. Car Owners Manual – This is the most important thing you must first do when you buy a new car. Even if you are an experienced car driver the make and model of the car have different specifications. Each part may have a limit or specs like where the tires can go on snow/ not, etc.
  2. Check Car Tires – It is important to take a look after a drive on rugged roads, countryside, snow, etc. Make sure they have air as per manufacture specifications – not too inflated and not too less inflated.
  3. Change Engine Oil – This depends on the roads you drive on, climate conditions, car make, etc. Check the manual and change as per specs. This can vary from 3,000 – 5,0000 miles or 3 – 6 months.
  4. Windshield Wipers – Poor visibility is dangerous for driving. The old wipers and those that do not function properly may even leave marks or scratches on your windshields.
  5. Check Car Battery – The battery life goes up to five years for some cars. Car repair shops test car batteries for a charge which is cheaper than charges for towing your vehicle if the car batter runs out.

The above tips are for new car owners and are easy car maintenance checks to carry out. However there are also DIY car maintenance tools like gloves, screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches for those with expertise. Such kits have different types & sizes and are available in the market. You can get this ratchet set at amazon for a reasonable price.…

Enjoy Your Drive

Do you spend a lot of time commuting every day? To many people, their car is like a second home as they spend a lot of time commuting to work and back, which is why a stereo like the autoradio golf 5 & GPS might help break-up the journey. Driving can be an enjoyable as well a painful experience. Long drives on great roads with minimum traffic and a beautiful view can be wonderful. One always wants such drives to never end. On the other hand driving within city limits with plenty of traffic can be a really harrowing experience, more so when you have time constraints.  When you spend so many hours every week in the confines of your vehicle you need to make some extra special arrangements too.

Tips to make your commute more enjoyable

Here are a few tips to make your daily drive pleasant: 

  1. Rehydrate yourself

Driving in a car with the air conditioning or heater on can leave you feeling a little dehydrated after a while. Remember to hydrate yourself and any other persons traveling with you at frequent intervals.  Keep a stock of fresh water and some refreshing beverages to sip, in your car before you start.

  1. Snack along

Keeping a small snack to munch is always a good idea. It provides the necessary energy as well as it keeps you alert. Even chewing some gum is a good idea once in a while.

  1. Listen to music

Improve the quality of your drive by listening to some great music that you really enjoy. Tune into your favorite radio station and listen to trending music along with regular updates and news too.

Installing the latest in car audio systems is a great idea to be able to appreciate good quality sound. Install the apple car autoradio to enjoy a better sound quality and clarity with better outputs. You can even pair your smartphone with your info stereo car autoradio gps for added features like receiving phone calls directly on the audio sound system and GPS tracking.…

The Top Five Luxury Machines for Millionaires

Millionaires may be self-made or they might already know the sweet taste of inherited wealth. An exclusively designed personalized machine announces their arrival in society and displays their status to the world. They may have castles, mean cars, jewels, and even a privately owned jet, or a yacht are the perfect symbol of opulence.

The entry to the club of millionaires is a restricted one. They are aware of this fact and everything they acquire has a seal of exclusivity to ensure that privilege. The top five luxury symbol is,

  1. A watch that costs a million dollars,
  2. A black diamond or gold handset phone,
  3. The most powerful and sleek mean machine on the road, like a convertible unique vehicle that is designed according to specifications,
  4. A Gold cycle or jewels that boast of the largest diamonds,

And of course,

  1. The biggest yachts in the world,

These are some of these luxury machines that only millionaires can boast of.

There are amazing yachts available and it is up to the buyers to choose one that reflects their status. The millionaires belong to an exclusive club and they are constantly trying to be better than others and the game of one-upmanship is always in the play. These machines including the yachts have luxury and exclusivity embossed on them. In fact, they are also looking for innovative boats and a yacht is presently being developed as the combination of an aircraft and a boat, but that will be ready sometime in future and is not available right now.

At the moment there are some superior yachts in the world and millionaires use them as their crown jewels. The website has information about such élite boats. These millionaires are always trying to outdo each other and trying to improve the features of their gadgets and newest acquisitions. The utility value apart, these devices have every possible feature that can be fitted in them. Redefining extravagance, these are the ultimate luxury symbols that millionaires flaunt these days.…