Women More Attracted To Men In Expensive Cars, Why?

Women find men with expensive cars to be more attractive and this is something that studies have proven. The car that a man drives is a major factor to get women attracted to men. So if you own and drive an expensive car then you are sure to get some head turners.

Read https://lockthecock.com to know the psychology behind the same. Women who are in their middle age definitely keep the value of the car that the man is driving as a priority and a major decision maker to whom she is inclined to date.

So those men who are behind an expensive wheel are fancied more by women. But when it comes to men they are more fascinated by the woman’s looks and not the motor that she is driving. The major decision makes for a man is the woman’s face and her figure and it does not matter which car she is driving.

So as it goes women tend to judge men by their richness while men tend to like the pretty faces. There are many pieces of evidence that will suggest the same that women are very interested in a man’s car and what he drives.

It has been so since ages

This is not something that you think is very recent. In fact, this reference has been there since ages and since mankind has ever existed. Men are supposed to be the breadwinners of the family and thus the woman is automatically attracted to those who earn more and have a luxurious lifestyle.

Women, however, are those to whom the male sex is attracted to and thus the man looks for beauty in women.

This is a trait that has been and will being there for ages. Even though today women are in highly paid jobs and have made a big career for themselves the truth stays the same. Women still prefer men who come from a higher status.