How To Fix Major Body Damage On A Car

The common damages to the car could be because of:

  • damages related to the weather
  • Paint scratches
  • Dents
  • Damage in the case of a collision

At learn how you can affix these damages to your car body.

Car Dent

If there is a dent in your car and you are unable to pull it then the best way is to use a suction cup. Tap around the dent and then pull the dent, You would, however, need a body filler. You will then have to paint it so that it looks good as new.

Paint scratches

When you look to repair the paint scratch then it is not like filling the spot that is damaged with a paint coat. You will have to fill up the scratch using some scratch filler. Sand the area and then wax it so that it looks smooth

Gouges And Scrapes

The plastic bumpers that are available in the modern day vehicles easily catch the scrapes and gouges. These are minor damages but they spoil the look of the car. You need fillers and paints in order to repair these body damages in your car.

Tail lights that get broken

It is also possible to fill the tail lights that get broken. All that you would need are a few tools. Remove the bolts that attach to the lens and then remove the clips and the rubber sockets that hold the lens. Pull the bulb that is faulty and the put in a new one and then reassemble all of it.

The damage to your car body is inevitable. Even if you are a safe driver these damages are something that you cannot prevent. Even if you drive slowly there are stones and pebbles on the road that fly and cause a dent in your car or scratch the paint.

So make use of these simple tips to repair the damages to your car body.