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Ed Bergenholtz - Team Owner / Driver

Ed loves working in a corporate environment. He is an IT professional and dedicates as much time to the race program as he can. HE is a real Go-Getter!

Hobbies - Work, work, his girlfirend.........and work!
Age - 30 and damn proud of it!

Ron Bergenholtz - Team Manager

Ron is the only FULL-TIME Bergenholtz Racing employee. He likes to brush his teeth on long road trips and spill everywhere! He has a crazy son named Andrew who he one day hopes to make him alot of money!

Hobbies - Long walks on the beach, deodorant and Frusion Smoothies

Age - 30-somthing going on 20!

Nathan Tasukon - Crew Chief

Nathan is our crew chief and works at Motec USA. He likes his computers.....ALOT ( as seen from the pic ) Nate is one of the finest engine tuners in the land. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away from here.....

Hobbies - Nate has women around the world, call him a female connesueir.
Age - We lost count.....hahaha

Vince Tiaga - Team Engineer / Driver

Vince is the team clown. His specialties include engine development and making faces. His favorite celebrity is Pee-Wee Herman. " Paging Mr. Herman, Mr. Herman, you have a telephone call at the front desk! "

Hobbies - Wearing a mullet, posing in Speedo's and braiding his arm pit hair!

Age - 27 going on 12!

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